Parkour/ Freerunning


Parkour is the art of moving rapidly (Running, Jumping, Swinging and Climbing) over, under, and through obstacles with agility and precision. This art involves moving from point A to point B as fast as possible, using the obstacles to one’s advantage rather than seeing them as a disadvantage. In Freerunning these same  interactions may include flipping and spinning with  adopted movements from other sports, such as gymnastics, tricking or break dancing.

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DMA Parkour offers classes in a safe and controlled environment. As you advance through our programs, you will learn to traverse your environment while gaining endurance and agility.

Parkour Class Schedule
Little Heroes: (Starting at age 4)

Monday         5- 5:30PM 
Tuesday          5:30-6PM      

Monday 5:30-6PM 
Tuesday 5-5:30PM      

Intermediate to Advanced level Parkour:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  6-7PM     

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Parkour Prices starting at $50 a Month

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